ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s been said before, you can never learn enough about type. The more we understand type the more we can take advantage it’s power of communication and persuasion to our designs.

The study of typography spans centuries of development and innovation in the art and craft of designing and arranging type. Within the enormous field of design, font selection is a language unto itself, not just an aesthetic option.

Decoding Typography: Unveiling the Art and Science of Type Design” by Michael Paland is a lesson on what makes up type and how to use it to our advantage in our designs. He looks at

  • The Power of a Font: More Than Meets the Eye
  • Type Categorization: A Font Taxonomy
  • Personalized Fonts and Brand Identity

Type design is a blend of artistic expression and scientific principles. The more you understand the more you learn how type can convey different emotions and tones. The goal is to learn the personality of each font and what situation best suits that personality.

As Michael Paland says, “Through the study of type design, designers can develop into skilled storytellers who can construct compelling narratives that connect with their target audience in addition to producing aesthetically beautiful compositions. As we continue to progress in the digital age, the art and science of typography remain eternal pillars of design, inviting discovery and creativity in the dynamic world of visual communication.”

This is a great article for any designer, especially those who are just staring out.

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