ARTICLE SUMMARY: UX design was introduced to help companies solve problems creatively. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence UX Design has become frightening and exciting at the same time.

What makes it exciting is that UX design is a dynamic field that’s always evolving alongside technology and user behaviors. In order to survive in this new landscape we need to level up on our skills.

UX Design Is Rapidly Changing — Can You Keep Up?” by Punit Chawla looks at the evolution taking place In UX Deign and what it means to designers. More importantly it gives designers a strategy to help them keep up with all the changes going on.. He talks about why

  • The Starting Point Has Shifted
  • Parallel Skills Are Becoming More Valuable
  • Physical Spaces Over Online Connections

As design evolves and changes, the industry has come to expect more and different things from designers. If we’re not carful the new generation coming up will end up being surprised when their skills don’t match up with what recruiters are looking for. As the old saying goes “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

Punit Chawla wants to put the argument of A.I. taking over jobs to rest, these can actively be wireframing and ideating tools. Getting to the final production design is going to be much faster. If we look at this from a positive perspective, A.I. will allow designers to focus more on problem solving, research, and creativity, instead of the day-to-day mundane tasks.

We need to be embracing change and staying adaptable, UX designers can navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of UX design and continue to create impactful and user-centric experiences.

This is a very insightful article and well worth reading.

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