ARTICLE SUMMERY: Designers vs Corporation is an article about how to thrive in a corporate environment.

Jose’ Torre’s recommendations are:

  • 1. Learn about the business and how to make a real impact
  • 2.  Under promise but over deliver, how to make working in house less stressful
  • 3. Advocate for better, once you have ideas you plant them in others
  • 4. Share what you know to help you stand out from outside agency
  • 5. Be kind, it helps to make friends and more importantly to show people the power of Design
  • 6. Don’t be lazy, in a big company it’s easy to find an excuse not to do something, or to delay it.       Learn to prioritize.
  • 7. Don’t give up, pushing for change and improvement won’t happen overnight, especially in a big company

Is there a place for creativity in a corporate environment?

José Torre sums this up with “In my opinion, definitely! But you have to adapt, you’re not always surrounded by like-minded people, thus you need to truly understand the business you’re designing and at the same time become a design advocate and an educator, to bring everyone to the same page and spread the power of design to everyone you interact with. 
Only then, people will recognize your expertise and realize how much value you can bring to the table.”

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