ARTICLE SUMMERY: In this article “The Importance of Advertising in the Digital Age”, author Lexie Lu discusses just how important going digital can be for your company. She backs her article up with several points:

  • Traditional Advertising Mediums Are on Borrowed Time
  • It Takes More Work to Reach Younger Consumers These Days
  • Digital Advertising Can Reach Into the Physical World
  • It’s Easy to Share Compelling Ad Content in a Digital World
  • Digital Advertising Lets You Choose Your Audience
  • You Have a Chance to Tell the Whole Story
  • You Can Cut Through the Noise
  • It’s Easier to Define and Measure Success
  • Digital Advertising Means Video — and Video Works

As Lexie Lu says “The digital age provides a host of useful tools for companies looking to make a splash, but your competitors have access to those same tools. The Web isn’t exactly a level playing field though — the “secret sauce” that most advertisers forget about is genuine creativity.” See article here.

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