ARTICLE SUMMARY: How does one learn about things? You participate, you experiment. You want to learn about cryptocurrency? You buy. Not a lot, just enough to get your feet wet by buying and selling crypto in an effort to understand how this up and coming financial system works.

DESIGNERS SHOULD KNOW CRYPTO” by Michal Malewicz is an introduction to cryptocurrency specifically for designers. As he says, “Being crypto literate in 2021 is going to be essential with more and more companies embracing the technology.”

As cryptocurrencies become more and more accepted by governments, major financial institutions and businesses Michal Malewicz covers a multitude of topics that we should know. For starters

  • A Brief History of Crypto Currencies
  • Why Crypto
  • Why It Is Important To Designers

He also takes time to critique the crypto websites pointing out their short comings and how as designers we are in a good position to spot the scam crypto projects just by looking at their website.

Crypto is still new and is in uncharted territory when it comes to design, as Michal Malewicz says “It makes it both important and exciting for us to jump into this market and try to work on making it more accessible, easier, more polished and refined.”

As designers we must look to the future and embrace the changes. This is a must read article and not just for designers, let us know what you think in the comments.