ARTICLE SUMMARY: Thanks to the computer and internet the world is becoming a much smaller place to live in.

Along with the smaller world comes the inevitability of dealing with people different than ourselves, different in the way they see, hear and handle life in general.

Designing for accessibility makes for a better product overall” looks at the challenges and solutions for designing for people with disabilities. Some of the topics covered are

  • Best Practices for Accessibility
  • What Are the WCAG Guidelines
  • Tools To Help Implement Accessible Design Practices

It’s good business to consider accessibility from the start of any project. The more access, the more people will be exposed to your product or service, the more this will lead to increased engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction.

This will also allow you to design for a larger variety of user cases, such as a non-disabled user breaking an arm and having to navigate the interface with one hand.

We are reminded that “Designing with accessibility in mind is not only a legal requirement but also a moral and ethical obligation to create a positive impact on society. “

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