ARTICLE SUMMARY: Whether we like it or not cults have been around for ages and will be here long after we’re gone.

Cults are manipulative, unethical, but, if you think about it they are also undeniably great marketers that we can learn from.

5 Marketing Tactics Used By Cult Leaders” by Emmanuel Probst looks into cults and why and how they are so successful in getting followers. Some of the reasons are they know how to

  • Provide Clear And Simple Answers
  • Leverage Urgency And Scarcity 
  • Emphasize The Emotional Over The Functional

When it comes to marketing there are so many ways to sell products or services and so much competition out there in the global market place it pays to explore every avenue to get our product, service or message out there.

We may not like the way cults operate or what they do, but you can’t argue with success when it comes to their marketing strategy.

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