ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we want to be all inclusive, we want everyone to have access to our products and services.

There are roughly 780 million people out there with dyslexia and if we are serious about being all inclusive we need make sure we go the extra mile so these people are not left out.

Camryn Manker is an Accessibility Advocate who wrote “Designing for users with dyslexia” in an effort to help us understand and design for people with this disability. She covers

  • What exactly is dyslexia?
  • Lists & chunking
  • Alternate content formats

While people basically understand “Dyslexia” in the general sense of the term, a lot of us don’t realize that there are different types and levels of dyslexia and there isn’t a single guide or solution that fits millions of unique and diverse people.

Designing for dyslexia is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. The more people that have access to your goods or services the better your bottom line will be.

This article is well worth reading for new and seasoned designers alike..

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