ARTICLE SUMMARY: Right now one of the hottest topics on the face of the earth is Artificial Intelligence, and rightly so.

What started out at a crawl in 1951 now seems to be taking over the world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to change the world in ways we never thought possible.

Two of the areas that will be heavily impacted is design and branding.

The End of Brands As We Know Them” by Rei Inamoto is a real look at the effects of AI on the future of marketing an creativity and how we will work in this new age. Topics discussed are

  • Upgrades to Our Cognitive OS
  • From Organizational Scale to Functional Speed
  • From Generative AI to Creative AI

He cites Ryunosuke Fukai talking about “the Cognitive OS of human society” goes through an upgrade when there is an advancement in information communications technology” with examples backing this theory.

Rei Inamoto gives us a way to accept and take advantage of AI and all the help it could possibly be to designers and marketers alike.

Because of Artificial Intelligence, building a brand has now become accessible to anyone and everyone. And that is why it has become that much more competitive.

This is a great article for more than just marketers and designers.

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