ARTICLE SUMMARY: Just when you think advances in AI are slowing down a tweak something new shows up on your doorstep.

While AI image generators have been around for a while they are now starting to take hold in the art and design world.

Like most emerging technologies there is a learning curve involved. That’s where Sajid Saiyed comes in.

In his articleDesigning with AI: ‘prompts’ are the new design tool” he is trying to help flatten that learning curve by helping us to understand AI image generators and how to use this tech innovation.. Sajid Saiyed starts with

  • Introducing you to “Prompt Engineering”
  • Basic prompts
  • Prompt Examples

Art and design are always in the state of flux and in this computer age new tools are developed at an accelerated rate. As artists and designers it is in our best interest to keep current with the new developments to stay relevant and competitive in our business.

As these new tools are developed it enables artists and designers to expand and showcase their imagination and creativity on a new and higher level.

Sajid Saiyed concludes his article by stating “As you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating a good image through these text-to-image AI tools. If you are equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and process, you can start creating some amazing art and graphics.”

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