ARTICLE SUMMARY: To improve your design foundations sometimes you need to go back to the beginning, back to the basics and refresh your memory on how good design is achieved.

When going back to the beginning you reacquaint yourself with the “Design Cycle”, a process that helps you proceed with any project in an organized manner no matter the size, scope or complexity involved.

Design Cycle: A method you can always use” by Rahadian Sri Pamungkas takes us back and shows us why this is important we do this every so often. He gives us a refresher course on

  • What is a design cycle
  • The design cycle breakdown
  • How to develop ideas and find ‘the one’

As we progress in our careers sometimes we tend to over complicate how we do things and create processes that do more harm than good that ends up affecting our productivity, creativity and our bottom line.

The design cycle gives us several fundamental concepts that are virtually always applicable.

There is a lot of great information in this article and a great resource to have in your tool box.

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