ARTICLE SUMMARY: As the world is leaning more and more on green technology we hear more and more about “sustainability”.

We talk about the physical things – recycling rubbish, ditching plastic water bottles, switching lights off, things we should be conscience of and doing every day.

One of the things we probably don’t think about is our design of websites and how we should be designing with sustainability in mind.

Making Digital Products More Sustainable” by Laura Keen helps us understand why sustainability in design is so important and how to achieve it. Some of her suggestions include checking our

  • Media assets
  • Fonts
  • Dark mode and color choices

All that web surfing, emailing and streaming movies will potentially use 20% of the worlds electricity by 2025, that’s a lot of carbon emissions and cause for concern.

This article is a great resource to have on the top tray in your tool box. The numerous links provided here will help you from calculating your carbon foot print to showing you how to implement the changes discussed in this article.

The importance of having an efficient website can not be understated.

This is well worth the read, let us know what you think in the comments.