ARTICLE SUMMARY: You would be hard pressed to open a newspaper, a website or turn on your fave news channel and not find something about Artificial Intelligence being discussed.

While artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s it seems like all of a sudden AI is poised to take over the world and depending on who you talk to it’s either going to destroy or enhance life to levels we never thought possible.

No matter what you think, it all starts with design.

Embracing AI as a material for design” by Guus Baggermans is a good look into AI, its past, present and future and what it could mean to design. A few points of interest are

  • What does this mean for designers
  • The maze of possibilities
  • Consider legal & ethical implications

Like all new technology and innovations there are more questions than answers, especially when it comes to AI. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As designers we need to stay current with all new technology. According to Guus Baggermans there is no better way to learning and understanding new capabilities then by diving in and learning through hands-on experiences.

Guus Baggermans reminds us that “Designers are the experts on design. Don’t let yourself be convinced the computer can now generate things you used to handcraft before, let it empower you to do more than you could before.” and “Humans are the experts on humanity. Computers can generate lots of things, but only you can see which of these things are worth creating, which things bring humanity forward instead of back.”

This is a great article and well worth reading by all, not just designers.

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