ARTICLE SUMMARY: Just when you think things are going good and your going to have smooth sailing for a little while technology knocks on your door and yells, surprise!

Just think, who would have thought technology would become an active participant of your reality. Welcome to Spatial Computing.

In James Davis‘ “Beyond the screen: A glimpse into the future of UX” he does a deep dive into this new technology and discusses

  • The evolutionary journey of spatial computing
  • Balancing opportunities and challenges
  • Unleashing the potential of spatial computing

Spatial computing, once a figment of sci-fi writers’ imaginations, is now emerging as an experiential reality. This remarkable evolution reshapes our interaction with technology and revolutionises the entire digital experience landscape. As designers, prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey towards the future!

This is an entirely new world for designers where user testing will need new approaches.

As James Davis says, “This isn’t just about the futuristic features we’ll be using to enhance our lives, but also the remarkable innovations we’ll be creating to improve this world for others.”

There is a lot of information packed into this article that is well worth reading.

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