ARTICLE SUMMERY: As design progresses today’s designers are increasingly becoming more aware of how important empathy is in our design products and the impact it will have on our target audiences.

Empathy and sympathy are often confused and need clarification to create effective design.

EMPATHY IN UX DESIGN: WHAT IT IS AND WHY IT’S IMPORTANT” by Icons8 gives an in-depth look at each one and why it is important to use one over the other.

Icons8 also helps you become a more empathic designer. They discuss how to

  • Be a Good Listener
  • Improve Your Observation Skills
  • Be Mindful of Your Own Attitude
  • Learn How to Adopt Humility

Not only will this article help you with your end products in todays online market, but also what might be just as important for you the designer, it will increase your people skills and how you deal with future clients.

Icons8 concludes that while empathy in the user experience can be fairly subjective, it is a skill that can be developed with practice and used by everyone to help us all connect with others.

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