ARTCLE SUMMARY: It’s always good to look back once in a while to see where we were and appreciate where we are now and how we got here. That’s especially true for designers when it comes to UX.

From the beginning of the written word it’s safe to say people needed instructions, hence, the manual was born.

Evolution of manuals: UX inspiration from history” by Olesia Vdovenko gives us a view to the iterations of the manual from the beginning to present day and looks at manuals from

  • Mesopotamia
  • China
  • 19th century manuals

The evolution of manuals and user guides has been closely tied to advancements in technology, changes in user behavior, and improvements in user experience design.

By drawing inspiration from the historical evolution of manuals, UX designers can create user guides that are intuitive, engaging, and effective in helping users navigate their products and services.

This article is an interesting look at how yesterday’s history has shaped the UX of today.

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