ARTICLE SUMMARY: Love it, hate it, fear it, no matter what your thoughts are on AI design it is here to stay.

When it comes to creativity AI has the potential to both complement and challenge the role of designers and is increasingly being used as a creative tool across various fields.

The Artificial Intelligence Art Battle: Dall-E 3 vs Midjourney” by Bembelino Bembi compares these platforms in order for the designer to choose the one better suited for their creative needs. Items discussed are

  • How AI Image Generation Works
  • Image Quality Comparison Between the Two
  • Prompt Engineering Comparison

For designers, comparing creative platforms allows users to make a well-informed choice based on their individual needs, preferences, and goals.

This helps ensure that the chosen platform aligns with their creative workflow and maximizes their productivity and output.

This article is well worth the read for any designer, old or new.

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