ARTICLE SUMMERY: As Artificial Intelligence becomes more prominent in our lives the more we see confusion and apprehension on where AI is heading and how will it affect us.

Like with any other new technology there is a learning curve and a certain amount of nervousness until people learn more and become familiar with it. It’s only natural.

Experience, not Technology” is a phrase that emphasizes the importance of human interaction, personal growth, and lived experiences over the reliance on technology to solve problems or provide fulfillment. It suggests that while technology can be incredibly useful and powerful, it should not replace the richness of human experience and connection.

Experience, not Technology” by Elaine delves into the different types of AI there are, what they do, where they are heading and what we should know about them. She looks at

  • Reactive AI
  • Proactive AI
  • Two Experiential Forms of Intelligence

As designers we are uniquely positioned to recognize situations for hybrid AI experiences because we view the world through the eyes of the user. Designers recognize handoff points between people and AI, and prioritize the appropriateness of technology to be more or less prominent.

We need to remember while technology plays a crucial role in shaping the world we live in, it is the human experience that ultimately matters most. By prioritizing experience over technology, we can create more user-friendly, inclusive, and ethical technological solutions that truly enhance people’s lives.

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