ARTICLE SUMMARY: You have spent a significant amount of time and money on a design the you know is going to put your client’s website on the preverbal map.

Now comes the hard part, presentation. Design, whether it’s web design, graphic design, or any other form of design, needs a good presentation. Without a good presentation you all your good work you did could go right out the window.

Web design. How to present your work. And why a good presentation matters (a lot).” by Matt Cheuvront was written not only to help you understand just how important your presentation is, but also to help you nail it. He looks at how to

  • Prioritize
  • Show the flow
  • Re-enforce the user

You want to project yourself as a designer set apart from the other competitors. You want them to see a designer who is professional, detail-oriented, and committed to delivering high-quality work.

This article will help you communicate your ideas clearly so that the client understands your process and the problem you are solving.

Remember, a good presentation is essential for effective communication, understanding, feedback, differentiation, first impressions, clarity, and alignment. It helps designers showcase their work in the best possible light and ensures that their designs are well-received and understood by all stakeholders.

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