ARTICLE SUMMARY: We designers know the importance of typography, it is one of the top items that can make or break your website.

Fonts, like people have personality traits that when fully understood will enhance any user experience and help give you an edge over your competitors.

Font Psychology Tricks To Enhance Your UX” is an in depth look into type and how to really use it to achieve a top user experience and increase your target audience. Some of the things talked about are

  • How does font psychology influence UI/UX design?
  • What is font personality?
  • Popular typefaces for UX improvement

By applying the psychology of fonts to your design you also raise your content to another level. It’s not just about picking a beautiful font, it’s about science and peoples behavior and how they react to what they see.

Font Psychology is a powerful marketing tool that will help you convey your product’s message, and when done right it will also help attract more potential clients to your site.

For young and old designers alike this is a great resource to have in the top shelf of your design tool box.

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