ARTICLE SUMMARY: As one year ends and a new one begins it’s always good to take a look back in order to see where we are headed in the new year.

At a glance the function of an icon is understood and the user does not need to try it to see if that’s the function you are looking for, it is self explanatory.

Icon Design Trends For 2023” from Shakuro has looked at the latest tendencies and discusses what’s on the horizon for icons next year. Some of the icons looked at are

  • 3D icons
  • Hand-drawn icons
  • Abstract icons

These are just a few types of icons discussed.

Since 1981, when the first icon set was created, tendencies have changed, as well as technologies. By following the latest icon design trends, you can enhance UI/UX, create unique looks and make the product easily accessible, even for people with special powers.

By keeping up to date with the latest crazes, you can create a well-thought-out UI that provides a perfect user experience.

The article reminds us to pick the tendencies that suit your business, future goals, and target audience, then implement them one by one. Also, testing out the modified designs is crucial.

This is a great resource for new and seasoned designers alike.

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