ARTICLE SUMMARY: As technology advances it was only a matter of time before the bridge between the real world and the digital world would be built, it will be known as the ‘Metaverse.’

GOOD DESIGN IS CHEMICAL-X TO THE METAVERSE” is an examination of the state of the marriage between the real and digital world and where it stands today. While you think that this would be a slam dunk success there are issues that need to be addressed before that can happen, some of these issues are

  • the need for a dedicated user base
  • It highly effective and authentic conversations with users
  • It will need engaging design, compelling visuals, and a seamless experience

Metaverse still has a way to go, however, to feed into the experiential value of this domain, the design comes first. After all, a user is not going to be contemplating the technology and optimisation of a system as opposed to the visual and tactical elements of the portion of the Metaverse that they are experiencing.

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments, this really has our curiosity.