ARTICLE SUMMARY: If you’re not careful a poor relationship between designer and client can become a stumbling block that can sink a project faster than the Titanic.

As problem solvers designers must anticipate the potential problems with clients and know how to avoid or at least minimize them.

THE DESIGNER’S GUIDE TO IMPROVING AGENCY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS” is a how to list of steps that will help keep the relationship between clients, agencies and designers friction free. Some of these tips include

  • Establishing expectations early helps keep things positive
  • Share knowledge — stay transparent wherever possible
  • Don’t wait too long to address concerns

Maintaining a strong relationship with a client not only builds a good working culture but also opens up the floor for strong design and development execution.

One of the bonuses of a good working relationship with clients is the potential for future work through recommendations because of how well you work with your clients. For a designer there is no better recommendation than word of mouth.

When it comes to dealing with clients this is an article that has a roadmap worth following,

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