ARTICLE SUMMARY: As summer is winding down it seems our economy is doing the same, not a good thing for anybody, especially freelance designers.

As prices rise and our standard of living falls it’s time to take a hard look at what we can do to help ourselves weather this economic storm.

One of the areas that is going to hit us hard is energy. The further north you go the bigger the problem, especially when it comes to heating, you can only put on so many sweaters.

How creative freelancers can save some much-needed cash this winter” by Tom May is here with several suggestions from his readers on how to weather this economic storm. Some of these suggestions include

  • Find a cheaper place to work
  • Get creative with cutting expenses
  •  Change your software

As this “do more with less” economy progresses we need to make a few changes in order to adapt and hold on until the economy improves with the least amount of financial pain as possible.

For those designers who experienced the 1970s economy you know what we are in for. We seasoned designers also need to encourage younger designers to hang in there and not panic, the sky is not falling, it’s just a temporary financial set back.

It won’t be easy but these and the other suggestions in this article are well thought out and will help you get through this temporary situation. While this article is geared mainly towards freelance designers there are some suggestions here that will help everybody else in financially tight situations.

If you have any ideas to add please do so in the comments, we are in this together and all help is appreciated.