ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to online marketing your goal is to optimize your SEO to outrank your competitors and grow your customer base.

The competition in the global marketplace is fierce. In such a down economy we designers need all the help we can get to better position ourselves to be seen by our target audience in such a crowded arena.

Outrank Your Competitors Using Keyword Gap Analysis” written by Haley Walden is an in depth look and guide on how to outrank your competition. In this article she looks at

  • What is Keyword Gap Analysis?
  • How to Conduct a Competitive Keyword Analysis
  • Creating Content to Fill a Keyword Gap

This is a multi-pronged, multi-stage process that will help you identify and repair the gaps in your strategy and help improve your site’s performance.

Haley Walden concludes her article by reminding us that SEO optimization is an ever-evolving, ongoing job. We should plan to perform a semi-regular SEO audit and a periodic competitive keyword analysis so you can stay up to date with your competitors’ strategies.

This article includes links that help you gain a deeper understanding of this topic and is a great resource to add to your toolbox.

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