ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is a lot to design these days, the old “let’s throw it against the wall and see what sticks” does not work in the digital economy.

Companies are spending a lot of money to stay competitive in the global marketplace. To do that designers need to know who they are selling to and why are they buying. Designers need to do their homework and get to know their target users and what makes them tick if you and your clients are going to succeed.

How to Conduct User Interviews” by UXness will help you to understand your target users and what they like, need and more importantly what they don’t like. This article helps you understand

  • Why you should conduct user interviews
  • Types of user interviews
  • How to conduct user interviews and what limitations to be aware of

User interviews are key to giving you insights into user perspectives, identify pain points, and help uncover unmet needs that may lead to innovative solutions.

The goal of these user interviews is not to just sell more product but to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Nothing says success like loyal customers and their good reviews and repeat business, a result of good user interviews.

User interviews are essential for grounding design decisions in user-centric insights, mitigating risks, fostering empathy, and ultimately creating products and services that resonate with and delight users. They offer a direct line to the voice of the customer that will enable organizations to build meaningful solutions that drive success and satisfaction.

This is a great article, especially for up and coming designer.

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