ARTICLE SUMMARY: Despite the government’s rosy outlook, when it comes to the tech industries things are not that great. Layoffs are happening, job hunting is taking much longer than usual, and offers are being rescinded or postponed.

If you have ever been laid off you know that feeling of despair and uncertainty, heck, even the ones who get to keep their jobs struggle with low morale and survivor guilt.

How to deal with tech downturn” by Sam Yuan is about her personal experience in a situation like this and how she was able to mentally deal with the challenges that arose from it. Her advice is to

  • Reclaim who you are and what is within your control
  • Allow yourself to be “here”
  • Feed-forward with intention

When things like this happen to us it is such a blow to our self esteem and confidence that the fear of the future and what will happen to us can almost be paralyzing.

The rug was pulled out from under us and we need a way to mentally find our footing and move forward. Sitting still is not an option and this article will help you through this.

This is a great article and well worth the read even if you not in this situation.

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