ARTICLE SUMMARY: We love type. As designers we know the power of persuasion type can have when used correctly.

Words are important, but if the presentation is poor who will read them. Knowing how to use typography correctly is critical to success with any design we create.

Learn typography for design…in 15 minutes” by Abhijit Nayak is a soup to nuts lesson in type and how to effectively use it. Some of the topics covered are

  • Is it a typeface or font?
  • Leading, Tracking, Kerning and Hierarchy
  • Choosing the Right Font for your Design

The average person is clueless when it comes to type, they could care less about kerning, tracking or hierarchy. They only know that if it is hard to read or not pleasing to the eye with a click of the mouse they can easily move on to something else in.

In any design, clear and effective communication starts with a good understanding of typography and all the nuances that are involved, like font pairing and other suggestions covered in this article.

Today text constitutes more than 90% of the information shared on the web today, as designers it’s up to us to learn all we can about typography in order to compete in the global market and be successful.

An article this comprehensive would not be complete without a boatload of links to help you get a better understanding of this, and there are plenty.

This is a great article and a great resource for young and seasoned designers alike.

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