ARTICLE SUMMARY: The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes motivation as the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something the act or process of motivating someone.

As designers it is our job to motivate people, motivate them to buy a product or a service, to vote a certain way or think differently about a particular situation. That is our job.

HOW TO DESIGN FOR MOTIVATION?” by Anyuan Wang is a deep dive into motivation and how it works and what we need to know about it. Some of the things that we should know are

  • The types of motivation
  • Motivation design in the digital space
  • The ideal motivation design

There is so much more covered in this article that it is worth taking the time to read and get a clear understanding on how we should be designing.

Anyuan Wang sums it up best by saying “In the end, creating meaningful connections should become designers’ primary motive. Only then can we design nourishing relationships between products and people, business and people, and ultimately people and people.”

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