ARTICLE SUMMARY: It does not matter what type of design you are involved in, but whatever design it is there are many things that need to be considered when designing for the world wide web.

Whether fashion design, industrial design, architectural design or web design they all have one question in common, how can we design to elicit certain behaviors from people.

HOW MUCH OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR IS AFFECTED BY DESIGN, REALLY?” by Anyuan Wang is more than a look at how design affects human behavior, it also looks at how as designers we can influence human behavior through our design. Some of the topics discussed are

  • What affects our behaviors
  • What can be designed
  • Digital space design & our behavior

We know that design is more than nice photos and exotic looking type and colors, there is a lot of psychology involved that we need to be paying attention to. We need to take into consideration the way people act and think, and most importantly what really motivates them.

This article focuses on the need to apply behavioral science into the design process to add a new lens to help us think of solutions to the problems that are presented to us.

Anyuan Wang also provides several links to help you understand all the things you should be taking into account when designing.

This article is well worth the read, let us know what you think in the comments.