ARTICLE SUMMARY: It does not matter whether you’re transitioning from a side hustle or launching a new venture, you need a strong digital brand that will help you succeed.

In this global marketplace and with world wide competition you need to stand out from the crowd and let the world know your here and open for business.

How to Develop a Strong Digital Brand for Your Business” by Rachel Ritchie is here to help you create that brand that will help you compete with confidence in the global marketplace. She has seven things you should focus on, a few of them are

  • Devise you positioning
  • Choose a brand voice
  • Think cross-device and cross-platform

A digital brand lets people know who you are and what they can expect form you, and as a bonus you having a consistent brand presence across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

As Rachel Ritchie says, “A consistent digital brand strategy with strong copy, visuals, design, and positioning can help you find and grow an engaged audience. Select digital design elements that are durable and translate across channels, and you’ll tell a compelling story and build a strong online presence for your brand.”

This is a great article, especially for beginners getting ready to strike out on their own.

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