ARTICLE SUMMARY: There are a few things that have crossed over from traditional print design to digital design, and page layouts are one of those things.

Print or digital, a good page layout will have a massive impact on how your page is perceived. Whether it’s an idea, product or service, a balanced page layout can ensure you communicate clearly and effectively to the reader and get the key messages across.

The 7 secrets for creating balanced page layouts” by Sam Hampton-Smith will both help you understand and achieve a balanced page. Some of those secrets include

  • Use a grid to create your page layout
  • Use the rule of thirds
  • Use scale, contrast, and harmony in page layouts

The problem with poorly balanced pages are the adverse effects it could have on your usability, bounce rates and conversions. Not the kind of problems we need when competing in the global marketplace.

As Sam Hampton-Smith says, “A good page composition should be pleasing to the eye, but it should also clearly communicate key messages to the intended audience in a way that can easily be interpreted and navigated.”

This is a great article and a great resource to have. Should any readers have any more ideas that would help feel free to share.

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