ARTICLE SUMMERY: As COVID-19 seems to be dragging on forever and with no real end in sight, one of the more important things to take care of is our mental health.

With the news of a COVID-19 vaccine coming “soon”, who knows when “soon” will be, meanwhile the virus is starting to spike again and we won’t be heading out anytime soon.

HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH DURING LOCKDOWN” by Rosie Hilder is a list of ideas gathered by Rosie from other designers to help you stay at your creative best. Some of the ideas suggested are

  • Get dressed every day
  • Separate work from home
  • Use an app blocker

As a new national lockdown looms on the horizon it would do us well to be mentally prepared to go the distance in this challenge and to keep our creative edge. These steps provided will help you maintain that edge we need to create and be effective in the global marketplace.

Maybe you have some additional ideas to help us through this, share them in the comments, we would love to hear them and pass them on.