ARTICLE SUMMERY: High on the list of importance for every designer is color. No matter how important the message, no matter what product or service you are selling, if your color schemes are off chances are people will not be spending a whole lot of time on your website.

To the average person looking at your website they see colors that are nice, pleasing, relaxing, or annoying, not matching the message you are trying to convey. They don’t understand or see how colors can evoke different emotions, they only feel.

That’s why “UNDERSTANDING COLOR THEORY: THE COLOR WHEEL AND FINDING COMPLEMENTARY COLORS” by Brittany Anas is a must read for all designers. It covers what you need to know about color theory and how to apply it for maximum effect. A few of the topics covered include

  • Modern color theory
  • Principles of color theory
  • Color wheel

And this list is just for starters. Whether your a beginning designer or an old pro this article is for you. Luis Gonzalez tells us that before you can unleash the power of color you have to understand color. Color is one of the most important tools in a designer’s tool box and should be pulled out and reviewed every so often to remind ourselves how to apply colors for the desired results in our work.

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