ARTICLE SUMMARY: In the grand scheme of things Artificial Intelligence seems to be relatively new. How about a show of hands, how many people know the birth of artificial intelligence was actually in the early 1950s?

Most people are stunned how in the last couple of years it seems artificial intelligence has creeped into almost every industry including any industry that involves creativity. Nobody thought that would be ever possible, but here we are.

In this age of advanced technology it’s crucial for individuals to be media literate. “How to Spot AI Generated Images” helps you spot the images that were not man made. Some of the things to help you identify AI generated images are

  • Visual Defects
  • Unrealistic Settings
  • Composition

With the rise of deepfakes and other AI-generated content, it’s important to be able to identify potentially manipulated images to avoid falling for misinformation or fake news.

While AI continues to advance and produce increasingly convincing imagery, it’s essential to navigate these digital landscapes with a critical eye. In case of doubt, do not just focus on one detail — look at the whole picture. In most cases, it’s a combination of artifacts that reveals the image’s unreality. Keep practicing, delve into the details of a picture, and, above all, trust your common sense.

This is a great article for all people, not just creatives.

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