ARTICLE SUMMARY: You have to wonder why the biggest companies in the world have a problem fostering innovation and creativity when it comes to design.

They all have elaborate processes for developing unique design projects only to fall short of public expectations.

Why companies kill great design” BY Olesia Vdovenko takes a look at what happens in the background that causes companies to do this. Olesia looks at

  • To difficult and costly to maintain
  • Down grading experience to draw in more users
  • The drawbacks of abandoning promising ideas

Designers also have a problem when joining a new company and find themselves constrained by the tools available to them coupled with rigid design systems.

Companies need to recognize the value of good design and to cultivate a design-centric culture. This involves investing in skilled design teams, valuing user research and feedback, and prioritizing design thinking throughout the product development process.

This is a good article with a lot of valid points made and worth reading.

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