ARTICLE SuMMARY: There is no dispute, one of the top concerns in design is typography. When it comes to typography the choices made can either make or break your project.

One of the problems with type is the amount of fonts that are out there, and let’s face it, sometimes to much choice is no good.

Then there are times that we see a type face in an add or a website and we know that would be perfect font for the project we’re working on, but, with over 500,000 fonts in existence today how do you find that exact font you’ve been looking for.

Identifying Fonts: the Complete Guide” by Erik Kennedy is going to make that search for that hard to find font a little easier for you. He has taken the time to put this guide together so you can find that font you must have by identifying it through

  • Website
  • PDF
  • Mobile App
  • Image file

Erik Kennedy tells us that one of the most practical resources a UI designer can have is a personal font database – names, images, and notes of fonts you’ve liked over the years. 

He is right, the more fonts you know about and recognize, the quicker and more effective you will be at choosing typefaces for design projects.

We designers draw inspiration from many sources, especially type, this guide is a great resource to help you identify that type that you need for that project where no other font will do.

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