ARTICLE SUMMARY: As the global market place grows and evolves so does the way companies need to approach building their brand.

It’s no longer a one size fits all in branding. Due to the change in people’s attitude on how they view the world and the expectations they have from the brands that they are loyal to, brand leaders can no longer ignore the increased importance of relevant local differences and the compelling desires for personalized experiences.

One Strategy For Building Global, Local and Personal Brands” by Larry Light gives designers insight into what they will need to develop enduring profitable growth in today’s world. He talks about the colliding forces of

  • Globalization
  • Increased Localization
  • Increased Personalization

He notes that Brand success will be determined by how well organizations manage these forces.

Larry talks in depth about how marketing has evolved from the One-Box Marketing Model to the now recommended Three-Box Model and why we need to adapt. He gives a brief summary on how

  • Box #1: Create the brand’s common global ambition, its vision of perfection.
  • Box #2: Define the global brand Plan to Win.
  • Box #3: Bring the brand to life.

When it comes to dealing with today’s global marketing this article is well with the read.

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