ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to logos choosing the right typography makes all the difference. Think of all the logos you see in a day and you don’t need a description to tell you what product or service is. you just know. These logos are every graphic designers branding dream come true.

LOGO TYPOGRAPHY: NAIL THE TYPEFACE FOR YOUR LOGO” written by Nick Carson gives you tips to help you design a logo that will stand out and give you the brand recognition your looking to achieve. Some of these tips include

  • Choose your typeface carefully
  • Tweak and refine type to add personality
  • Take ownership of an entire typeface

As designers we know selecting the perfect logo typography is a key part of your design process. Usually the first thing people see on your website is your logo, so it has to be good, and nothing can make your logo stand out more than your selection of type.

This is a great article with links to free fonts and great examples of different types of logos to help you visualize and design your next logo.

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