ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we know that discoverability is the ease with which the users can discover a product feature and content. Good discoverability is responsible for a user’s task completion in a frictionless manner and makes it easier for the visitor to find new content and features that a product has to offer.

HOW DO YOU GET USERS TO VIEW WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO?” by Canvs Editorial is an effort to help you improve discoverability and access for your target audience, some of the suggestions are

  • Jakob’s Law: Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Hick’s Law: Reduce the number of choices to be made
  • Progressive Disclosure: Prioritize important features first

These and the other suggestions come with detailed expiations on why and how to use them in your design.

When it comes to design we need to create the path of least resistance for our clients and customers to find what they are looking for and provide a frictionless purchasing experience.

The general takeaway from the Canvs Editorial article is “Designers should work in the direction of creating intuitive designs, subtly helping users navigate through the product effortlessly. Discoverability is all about ensuring users find what they need because what they can’t find/discover doesn’t exist for them.”

This is a great article for both the beginner and seasoned designer, Let us know what you think in the comments.