ARTICLE SUMMARY: Almost all designers use it. The website is three quarters done, waiting on the final content, but now the client wants to see what it’s gonna look like, what to do? You throw in Lorem ipsum.

Of the three pillars of design, content, product design and usability, content is the most crucial. Without content, the design and the usability are literally meaningless.

LOREM IPSUM WILL DESTROY YOUR DESIGN” written by Canvs Editorial is a good argument against using Lorem ipsum, some of the points made are

  • Lorem Ipsum is not ideal for high-fidelity prototypes
  • It makes thoughtful feedback harder to reach
  • The earlier you define a general framework for content, the more relevant the design will become

There are several more points given that bolster the Canvs Editorial argument against using Lorem ipsum and well worth reading.

Some of thier final thoughts are Lorem ipsum is literally Latin to your users; it can do no good if you’re trying to drive home a point. It can surely help fill space in a design, but it can’t help convey the emotion and message that a designer wants readers to see and feel.

Real content = effective design.

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