ARTICLE SUMMERY: It appears Artificial Intelligence has gained a foothold in UX design and becoming a major influence on the direction the UX design process is taking.

Design leaders are increasingly advocating for substituting parts of the design process with AI forgetting that the point of design is to solve problems that Linear, mechanical thinking can not.

No, AI user research is not “better than nothing”—it’s much worse” by Pavel Samsonov is a discussion on AI’s place in UX design and whether it should be relied upon so heavily. He talks about

  • Software-as-a-business
  • Design in the age of algorithmic reproduction
  • The purpose of a system is what it does

A lot of designers question the efficacy and potential drawbacks of AI in design. AI might miss the subtle nuances and contextual factors that a human researcher would naturally understand. Complex user interactions and feedback often require a deep understanding of the context, something AI might struggle with.

Over-reliance on AI might lead to reduced human oversight and critical thinking, potentially overlooking important insights that require human intuition and experience. The fear is that AI’s quantitative precision might create a false sense of accuracy, leading stakeholders to overestimate the validity of the findings.

This is a thought provoking article well worth reading.

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