ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we know that when it comes to feedback we know we really don’t need it, our designs are second to none, right!? Wrong, in the real world of design not everybody likes what we do and the only way to turn that around is through feedback.

Getting feedback can be down right scary, but, receiving feedback effectively is a crucial skill for personal and professional growth. Developing this skill is more than just having a thick skin when it comes to criticism.

The Art of Receiving Feedback” by Andrea Mignolo looks at feedback and why designers should embrace and encourage it. When it comes to feedback there is a lot to take in and Andrea helps you understand what’s involved by discussing

  • What happens when we receive feedback
  • The receiving feedback checklist
  • Getting a sanity check

Designers, like many other professionals, can sometimes find receiving feedback challenging. Design is highly subjective. What one person sees as an improvement, another might see as a detriment. This subjectivity can make it difficult to interpret and accept feedback.

There can be a mismatch between what the designer intended and what the feedback provider expected. This misalignment can lead to frustration and a feeling of being misunderstood. Sometimes, those providing feedback may not fully understand the design process or the constraints the designer is working within. This lack of understanding can lead to impractical or irrelevant suggestions.

Designers need to approach feedback with an open mind, recognizing that it’s an opportunity for growth. It’s hard to avoid being defensive when the feedback is critical. Nothing is more counter productive than letting our emotions get in the way of a better solution. It’s not easy.

This is a great article for young and old designers alike.

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