ARTICLE SUMMERY: Apparently the COVID-19 virus has had a negative effect on not just humans but Artificial Intelligence as well.

Will Douglas Heaven, senior editor for AI at MIT Technology Review tells us most Machine-learning models are thrown off when data varies to much from the variables of peoples actions that they have programed into a particular model.

“OUR WEIRD BEHAVIOR DURING THE PANDEMIC IS MESSING WITH AI MODELS” reveals how susceptible Artificial Intelligence is to the human condition and has caused companies such as Amazon, Pactera Edge and other E-commerce companies to make adjustments in their algorithms to deal with situations like this now and in the future.

Will Douglas Heaven concludes his article stating “With everything connected, the impact of a pandemic has been felt far and wide, touching mechanisms that in more typical times remain hidden. If we are looking for a silver lining, then now is the time to take stock of those newly exposed systems and ask how they might be designed better, made more resilient. If machines are to be trusted, we need to watch over them.”.

People do not realize the extent of just how much Artificial Intelligence plays a part in their everyday lives and how much COVID-19 has affected Artificial Intelligence world wide. Let us know what you think in the comments.