ATICLE SUMMARY: A brand is much more than a logo, It’s color, type, imagery and a whole lot of research. A brand is somebody’s life work, their invention, their message that needs to be communicated to the world. Branding is no small task, and to do it right it is very expensive, but, worth every penny.

At some point you may have changes in your organization that make you feel it’s time to upgrade your message or image and consider a complete re-brand.

Rebranding is Expensive. Is it Worth It?” by Deroy Peraza is a serious look at rebranding and what we should be thinking about, things like

  • Is there a cause or change in our company big enough to rate a rebrand
  • What are our expectations from a rebrand
  • How will our clients benefit from a rebrand

Considering the time and expense involved with rebranding this article will help you decide the course of action to take for you and your company.

There are a multitude of reasons to consider rebranding. Whether your company is heading in a new direction or adding products or services this may be the answer to your communication problem.

The only question left to answer is is it worth it. If you are considering it, it probably is.

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