ARTICLE SUMMARY: We talk about accessibility a lot. It’s the right conversation to have, especially in this digital age that has us all tied together in one form or another.

There are guidelines for just about everything online including “accessibility”, and that’s a good thing to help us understand and open up our insights and products to as many people as possible.

What You Can Learn From Older Adults About Accessible Design” by Becca Selah talks about a group of people seldom considered in these studies on accessibility, the senior citizen.

When you talk about senior citizens most people think of their grand parents, retired, home, not really doing a whole heck of a lot.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Research shows 29 percent of the Baby Boomers ages 65 to 72 are still out there in the workforce. With the advances in science and medicine the number of seniors still working will only increase. Right now one in six people in the U.S. are 65 years old or older and still working, by 2030, that number is projected to be one in five.

That’s a lot of seniors out there in the workforce that could us a little help with some of the physical issues that come with aging. As designers one of the things we can do to help is make reading a little easier for seniors still in the workforce.

In this article  Becca Selah goes into detail how we can help seniors still out there working be their best selves in the workplace. As future seniors who will still be in the workforce this can only help our future selves as well.

This is a great article that makes us realize that sometimes even the people without disabilities could use a little help.

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