ATRICLE SUMMERY: In March 1973 “The Six Million Dollar Man” premiered on television and the dream of running effortlessly faster than any vehicle on the road, focusing your eye at some object in the distance and zooming in at that object better any camera lens while running became a dream of young viewers everywhere. No one ever thought that there would ever be the possibility of that ever happening.

RESEARCHERS READY WORLD-FIRST VISION RESTORATION DEVICE FOR HUMAN CLINICAL TRIALS” by Darrell Etherington tell us about the work at Melbourne, Australia’s Monash University and it’s work toward eyesight restoration.

Scientist believe that while still in the animal testing stage it is showing great promise without any adverse health affects to the animals. While animal and human testing are very different form each other scientists believe the same approach could provide benefits and treatment options for patients with other conditions that have a neurological root cause, including paralysis.

As technology advances it seems no horizon is to far or dream to distant, let us know what you think in the comments.