ARTICLE SUMMERY: Designers just staring out in the business have a fair amount of programs out there to help them build websites but have decided to build their websites in WORDPRESS.

While building your website in WORDPRESS you will need to know the difference between pages and posts. Will Morris has written “WORDPRESS PAGES VS POSTS: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?” to help you know and understand the difference between them and to help you keep your website smart and professional looking.

He goes into detail the 4 differences between pages and posts

  1. You Can Organize Posts With Tags and Categories
  2. Posts Feature a Date and Author
  3. You Can Include Posts in RSS Feeds
  4. Posts Can Increase Engagement

If you are building a website for the first time, Will Morris also gives easy instruction on how to build pages and posts with the intent of making the building of websites less intimidating for the beginning designer.

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