ARTICLE SUMMERY: As technology advances one of the top areas being affected today is art. With the advent of “cryptoart” people are unsure how to buy and sell their digital art.

In “WHAT THE HECK IS CRYPTOART?Karen Frances Eng introduces us to cryptoart and gives us a easy to understand description of what it is and the concept behind what drives it.

Since it’s beginning around 2015 it remains one of the more confusing topics when it comes to digital art and how to monetize your creations. Karen Frances Eng explains that

  • It’s a way of introducing scarcity and value to art in digital form
  • It’s bringing together communities of artists from all over the globe — even during, and maybe because of, the pandemic.
  • It’s a way of rethinking art and art economies.
  • It’s pioneering new aesthetics and seems to be a movement in its own right.

This article also contains links to more in-depth explanations and links on how to start buying and selling digital art work.

It’s a great article to help you get started in cryptoart, let us know what you think in the comments.