ARTICLE SUMARY: Humans are creatures of habit. We like our comfort zones and are hesitant to leave them. Can you blame us? In a world that is spinning way to fast we need a space we can feel safe in.

This also applies to companies, they are still using a killer marketing strategy from back in the day that hasn’t changed in years. The company fails to see that consumers tastes and habits change and unless this is taken into account eventually the company will take a hit to the bottom line, or worse case senecio the company goes belly up.

Reversing The Growth Trajectory Of A Declining Brand” by Allen Adamson addresses this problem in a way that will help you realize that change is not only inevitable, but must be made in order to ensure the survival of the company. Some things to be aware of is

  • The Truth Is In The Data
  • Bold Moves Move People
  • Step Back To Leap Forward

Allen Adamson uses Campbell’s Soup Company as an example of what can happen when a company doesn’t pay attention to changing trends in society and the consumers life style.

It’s important for a company not to just look at sales data but to go below the surface numbers to see how they were achieved and looking at more than just the numbers we want to see. That kind of tunnel vision never ends well for any company.

As Allen Adamson says “If you’re at the top of the company, you see the numbers you want to see. You say, ‘great,’ and don’t ask too many questions about how and why you hit the dollar target.

When it comes to brand survival this is a great article and well worth the read. If it’s been a while since you have taken a really hard look at your brand and it’s performance it may be time to move out of your comfort zone, your company’s survival may depend on it.

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